Obviously the point is to engage the congregation, but I know several people who really worship through hearing others sing. As a musician, I’ve done several solos, and it’s one of my ways of worshiping and giving God back a portion of what He’s given me. And honestly, there are some songs that are done in congregational singing that I think would work way better as a solo.

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You obviously are ignorant to many things taught to Mormons. First of all much of what we believe about the last days is brought out in the book of Revelations. I am so very, very grateful I belong to this beautiful, loving Church.

Sometimes you will find a bishop who will grant a non-church wedding. It’s pretty rare and most time you have to musique longueuil have some very strong connections to the bishop, monsignor or even the cardinal. Did you know that you can have peace in any situation?

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I am sure the Holy Spirit is grieved by such audacious behavior. I believe some several thousand were saved in one day–why? Because prayer was going on–not desecration of the sanctuary with songs that were probably inspired by satan himself. I like what one person said above about bringing back their past while reliving the songs they tried so hard to get away from. Our music should be God-honoring not humanistic driven to fit OUR comfort zones.

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Every month volunteers sign up to bring a food item from a planned menu. We prepare the food for the evening meal for a large number of people. Another excellent resource that offers hope-filled Scripture reading is World Missionary Press. They have free Scripture booklets that are available in different languages. Now that I think about it, I shouldn’t have since there’s a CONTACT PAGE on every one of my web sites, including the page with the article he called me about. He protested that I wasn’t being cooperative, and it was urgent that we have this discussion real-time right now.

This might have been a good thing if it denoted a genuine revival of true Christianity. However, ever since the outbreak of the so-called toronto-blessing in 1994, and increasingly since that time, genuine bible-believing Christians have been leaving their fellowships because they have refused to compromise. Speaking as a musician, I admit that many musicians are victims of ADHD, flakes, egocentrics, jerks, and worse (I won’t tell you where I fall on that scale).

When I considered myself Mormon I would get upset about these exmos, too, at times. While I think it is really unhealthy to not move on , a lot of exmos have a really hard time with it because they find out all of these disheartening things about something that was once the biggest deal in their lives. One day I started freaking out while I was driving, crying “they lied to me! This is the link to Preach My Gospel, the standard instruction manual required to be studied and taught by all LDS missionaries. It contains the required lessons to be taught to investigators of the church before baptism into the church. I also find the idea that the LDS church discourages personal inquiry completely absurd and obviously based upon reactionary statements from dissidents.

Songs in past weeks included John Lennon’s “Believe” (who was also a practicing atheist and may have sold his soul to the devil?) and a song by U2. What theology is expressed in our congregational singing? Is the range of what we sing representative of the “whole counsel of God? ” What do our songs and hymns say or imply about the sovereignty and grace of God? About the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ? Hymns used in public worship should be in harmony with the beliefs of your church.